Spanish Vocab Vlog: Limpia y empaca conmigo!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

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Hello everybody!

Now that I'm in my third trimester, I am in full nesting mode! Clean, clean, clean is the name of the game!

In this week's Spanish Vocab Vlog, you'll get to clean and pack with me as Emery and I get ready to head out of town!

Remember, each Spanish Vocab vlog comes with an easy to print pdf version (find it down below!) of the vocab you see in the vidoe PLUS a list of comprehensive questions you can answer as you follow along!

Happy learning,


How to level up on your Spanish:

1. Watch the video and follow along as new vocab is presented to you every 10 seconds.

2. In this pdf, you will find a complete list of the vocab introduced in the video. This is meant for you to familiarize yourself with it.

3. Using the new vocab, move on the Q&A Section.

4. Watch the video a second time and try to answer the questions as you follow along. There is a new question about every 10 seconds as well. They are listed in order as they appear in the video.

5. If you need help with the questions, there is a translation of all the questions at the end of the document.

Click here to get the Vocab List & Comprehension Questions Guide that goes with this episode!

Sneak Peek of Vlog Guide:

Vlog - Limpia y empaca conmigo - Vocabulary

siempre me gusta levantarme - I like to get up

sentada por mucho tiempo - sitting down for too long

lavo los platos - I wash the dishes

los platos que nosotros ensuciamos... - the dishes we got dirty...

nos sentamos a ver televisión - we sit down to watch TV

Vlog Questions - Try to answer each question using a complete sentence in Spanish for each one!

¿Cuántas horas trabajo en la computadora antes de levantarme?

¿Qué hago cuando no quiero estar sentada?

¿Qué hago con los platos que lavo?

¿Cuándo ensuciamos los platos que estoy lavando?

¿Qué no nos gusta hacer en la noche?

Vlog Questions - English Translation

How many hours do I work on the computer before getting up?

What do I do when I don’t want to be sitting down?

What do I do with the dishes that I wash?

When did we get the dishes that I’m washing dirty?

What do we not like to do at night?

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