Spanish Vocab Vlog: Cosiendo y cocinando!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

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Hello everybody!

This week we had another visit from Mama Salas which means more projects for the baby's room! We spent (and when I say we... I mean she) all day sewing and we were able to end up with something that's actually really cute! You'll also get to see me try a new recipe! It was pretty good and Mama Salas even asked for the recipe. Now... that's a compliment!

Remember, each Spanish Vocab vlog comes with an easy to print pdf version (find it down below!) of the vocab you see in the vidoe PLUS a list of comprehensive questions you can answer as you follow along!

Happy learning,


How to level up on your Spanish:

1. Watch the video and follow along as new vocab is presented to you every 10 seconds.

2. In this pdf, you will find a complete list of the vocab introduced in the video. This is meant for you to familiarize yourself with it.

3. Using the new vocab, move on the Q&A Section.

4. Watch the video a second time and try to answer the questions as you follow along. There is a new question about every 10 seconds as well. They are listed in order as they appear in the video.

5. If you need help with the questions, there is a translation of all the questions at the end of the document.

Click here to get the Vocab List & Comprehension Questions Guide that goes with this episode!

Sneak Peek of Vlog Guide:

Vlog - Cosiendo y cocinando - Vocabulary

mi mamá me vino a visitar este lunes - my mom came to visit me on Monday

Yo encontré esta mecedora en Goodwill - I found this rocker at Goodwill

Decidí comprarla - I decided to buy it

La tela tiene colores que no van con... - The fabric has colors that don't go with...

el diseño tampoco me gusta mucho - I don't really like the design either

Vlog Questions - Try to answer each question using a complete sentence in Spanish for each one!

¿Por qué me vino a visitar mi mamá este lunes?

¿Cuánto costó la mecedora?

¿Cómo es este precio comparado con otros que he visto?

¿Por qué no me gustan mucho los colores originales de los cojines?

¿Cuál color en específico no me gusta?

Vlog Questions - English Translation

Why did my mom com visit me this Monday?

How much did the rocker cost?

How was this price compared to the other ones that I’ve seen?

Why do I not like the original colors of the cushions so much?

Which color in specific do I not like?

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