Spanish Resources: Gasolina, los residuos, y el orden

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Hope week 2 of the new year has treated everybody well! It looks like we may get our first snow day in GA in a couple of days so I'm stocking up on Nutella, hot chocolate, and Spanish-Language Netflix shows. Speaking of.... anybody have any good recommendations? The last one I watched was Elite and I LOVED it! So anything like that and I'll watch it.... let me know!!

As always, I have your weekly list of Spanish resources. Remember, the idea is to work with the same resource for 2-3 days changing up how you use it. That way you can hit all types of communication (listening, writing, reading, speaking) and really soak in the new vocab and grammar you're working with. I've give you a couple of ideas below but feel free to get creative.

Just plan for 15-20 minutes daily and you're doing GOOD!!!

Spanish Resources: 1/17 - 1/24

  • Gasolina en México - Saturday & Sunday

  • A video made by AJ+Español all about the current situation in México - Perfect for Listening & Reading Comprehension

  • Practice - Watch it first and try to translate the captions. Treat it as a reading! Then listen to it without watching or reading the subtitles! See how much you understand!

  • Sustituir para reducir - Monday & Tuesday

  • A photo showing different ways to reduce waste this year - Includes great vocabulary!

  • Practice - Treat this as a writing prompt. Try to use all of the vocab that appears on the photo and write a few goals for youself this year, your opinions on waste/reducing waste, what you can and can't do, etc. Write for 15 minutes and see how far you can get!

  • La magia del orden - Wednesday & Thursday

  • A reading created by Pictoline all about the new hit series on Nextflix, Tidying Up. Have you binged it yet??

  • Practice - Read, Translate, Write down a list of important vocab as you're translating, then use the vocab list you created to use in a timed writing where you write about your own 'tidying up' habits.


In case you don't follow us on Facebook and haven't heard the big announcement, we are starting a Spanish Heritage Book Club in February! We will choose a Spanish book to read together so I do recommend for only advanced Spanish speakers or Heritage speakers to sign up... don't worry we'll be doing something for beginners soon as well! So if you are interested or know of someone who might benefit from this, feel free to pass this along!

Happy learning!

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