Short Spanish Readings & Review: La reserva natural, la cocina, las noticias.

Hello all and happy Monday!

Here is a review of all the topics we covered last week through our Spanish readings on social media!

I talk to you about our recent exploration of a nature preserve, a current house project, and why I'm never going to watch the news again!

Make sure to print your Weekly Readings Worksheet and watch the Weekly Reading Guide Video so you can get all of the vocab & grammar explanations PLUS an audio version of the readings & questions.

And, if you're looking for an extra challenge, don't forget to check out this week's Spanish Vocab Vlog and the latest Lenguaje de la Vida Podcast Episode.

Remember, there's a complete Spanish review/worksheet that goes along with all of these resources as well so you can follow along and enchance your skills!

As always... happy learning!


Click here to get the PDF version of the complete reading guide!


Full vocab list , 3 readings PLUS audio recording of reading, comprehension & personal questions, English translation of everything!

Listen to the audio version of the readings PLUS the vocab & grammar explanations on


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