Los cambios de mi embarazo: Spanish Weekly Review - Aug. 12-18

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Here's a new Weekly Review for you all!

This week is focused on all of the changes I've felt this past week which, trust me, has been pretty rough. Something happened between week 25 and week 26 of my pregnancy where my energy level and physical ability just took a downfall! It's so crazy to think of all the things I was doing last week and compare it to how hard of a time I'm suddenly having even just walking!

But, the journey is worth it and the end is getting near!

So, I hope you enjoy the following readings and make sure to download the easy to print PDF version of the weekly guide so you have access to the vocab list & the comprehension/personal questions!

Happy learning,


How to level up on your Spanish?? Follow these steps!

1. Follow along for daily reading exercises & vocab lists on our Instagram or FacebookPage

2. Watch out for our weekly guide that comes out every Friday on our blog. Print it out as soon as you can!

3. Read the readings and complete the list of comprehension & personal questions given with each reading. I suggest 2-3 Spanish sentences for each question.

4. Check in with our Weekly Grammar Review, a video where I take the time to explain certain concepts introduce during the readings.

5. Make sure to check out the new Lenguaje de la Vida podcast episode for the week where I go into more detail for each reading. Transcription included with each episode.

Click here to print your Weekly Guide Reading & Exercise Worksheet!

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