Lenguaje de la vida - Episode 1

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Here it is guys!

The first episode of TheLanguageMovement podcast, Lenguaje de la Vida! A Spanish Podcast for Spanish Learners!

This is SOOO exciting mostly because I think.... no I know that this will REALLY help people with their language goals!

So this is what you do:

1. You listen to the podcast - see how it is, see what you can understand, is it easy? Wow! you're an expert then! Is it hard? Well, go on to Step 2!

2. Print out the transcription of the video and follow along one more time!

3. Then move on to the exercises! With every episode, you will find a list of vocab included in the podcast and a list of comprehension questions that you can either write down as you listen and/or read along. And maybe if you're really up to it, respond to them out loud!

I'm so excited about starting this. I know once you reach a certain level, it's hard to keep the momentum going and find resources that are interesting but will keep helping you expand your linguistic skills. I truly believe that with the podcast, the vocab, and the writing exercises that you'll reach your Spanish goals real soon, real fast!

YAAAAAYYY!! Love you all!

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