LDLV - Episode 13 - Ella quiere dormir, ella quiere beber

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As you can see, I have clearly been listening to a lot of Bad Bunny and I am not ashamed about it.

But between all of the reggeaton dancing I've been doing in my living room, I somehow managed to record a new podcat episode for you guys!

And speaking of dancing, this episode is mainly focused on all of the activities I can no longer do because 1. I'm pregnant and 2. I'm lazy. So if you have listened to the very first episode of this podcast then you can see how much my life has changed and boy is it drastic!

As always, there is a listening guide to each episode that you can use to really enhance all of your Spanish learning needs & goals. And if you're wondering how to use the listening guide, please keep reading on!

Now back to Bad Bunny for me!

Happy learning,


Here's how to level up your Spanish skills:

1. You listen to the podcast - see how it is, see what you can understand, is it easy? Wow! you're an expert then! Is it hard? Well, go on to Step 2!

2. Print out the transcription of the video and follow along one more time! This also includes a translation of the entire episode.

3. If you haven't yet done this from last week, move on to the exercises! Check out our list of comprehension & personal questions that you can either write down as you listen and/or read along. And maybe if you're really up to it, respond to them out loud! Translations of questions included at the end.

Click here to get the full transcript/translation/exercise worksheet to this episode!

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