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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

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Hello all and happy Friday!!

This is such a lazy Friday morning for me. I'm sitting in bed surrounded by two sleeping kitties. I mean who can resist joining them in a little cat nap?? Can 3 day weekends just be an official thing for everybody now? I mean progress has to be made at some point.

But, even on lazy days, we sometimes have to push through and get things done. For you, that might include a little language session in. These weekly readings are meant to be a review so nothing too difficult and crazy. Perfect for a lazy morning!

Anyways, if you've been following on our IG & FB weekly Spanish readings then this should all look very familiar to you! But, remember, there's questions with each reading included in our PDF version that you don't get on social media.

And, if you're not feeling lazy and are looking for an extra challenge, don't forget to check out this week's Spanish Vocab Vlog! Remember, there's a complete Spanish worksheet that goes along with it while you watch!

As always... happy learning!


Click here to print your Weekly Guide Reading & Exercise Worksheet!

spanish readings, spanish resources, recipes, recetas, cook books, the language movement

How to level up on your Spanish?? Follow these steps!

1. Follow along for daily reading exercises & vocab lists on our Instagram or FacebookPage

2. Watch out for our weekly guide that comes out every Friday on our blog. Print it out as soon as you can!

3. Read the readings and complete the list of comprehension & personal questions given with each reading. I suggest 2-3 Spanish sentences for each question. (Translations included as well!)

4. Make sure to check out the new Spanish Vocab Vlog for the week where I go into more detail about what I've been up to! Vocab & questions included for this as well!


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