Fui a un partido de los Braves - Preterite & Imperfect Work

Monday through Friday are sacred days. I wake up, I work out, I go to work, and I come home ready for 3 naps immediately followed by bed time. I never ever ever. ever. have the energy to do anything. Especially on Mondays.

But somehome my husband's family managed to convince me to go to a Braves game this past Monday. I was really really not looking forward to it and of course by the end of it I was so glad to have gone. It was fun staying up late that night! I felt like such a rebel!

And it reminded of my love of baseball. I grew up surrounded by nothing but baseball fields and terminology. I mean, LITERALLY. Baseball is extremely huge in Venezuela and the only thing that little kids play during their free time. So, of course, it's always pretty exciting to see Venezuelan players playing here in the States. I yelled and cheered for my fellow patriots. You go Enciarte!

Anyways, it's been a week since the game which means if I want to talk about it then I have to talk about it in the past. Which means it's time for a little imperfect and preterite work!

Enjoy the following exercises below!

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Conjugate the verb that means “to go” and “to be” in Spanish. Write the infinitives of it and conjugate it both in the preterite and the imperfect.

In your own words, explain the difference between the use of the preterite tense and the imperfect. You may write in English.

Choose three reflexive verbs to conjugate. Choose 1 to conjugate in the present, another one in the preterite, and another one in the imperfect.

Answer the following questions using 2 complete sentences in Spanish for each one.

¿Que musica escuchas para trabajar o estudiar?

¿Que tipo de música es Mozart?

¿Quienes son 3 artistas latinos? ¿Te gustan los artistas? ¿Escuchas la música de estos artistas?

¿Que es más importante en la música - la letra o el ritmo?

Choose 2 of these questions to answer in Spanish in at least 2 paragraphs. (10 - 12 sentences)

¿Cómo puede la música ayudarnos en encontrar la felicidad?

¿Cómo puede la música ayudarnos a crecer y a mejorar?

¿Cómo puede la música ayudarnos con la comunicación?

¿Cómo puede la música ayudarnos a unir la humanidad?

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