Los recuerdos y mi embarazo: Weekly Review Aug. 5 - 11

Hello and happy August!

If you're a teacher, college students, school-age parents, or even school-aged kids yourself, I wish you the happiest and most successful school year!

The transition from summer to back-to-school daily life is a slap in the face and that's being polite. Things get hectice and schedules are ripped apart. It's basically it's own mini new year's where you have to remake your goal list all over again and rethink your prioprities. No easy feat at all so I suggest to you that you keep caffeine in your back pocket at all times.

But I do hope that you decide to keep language learning as part of your daily/weekly/monthly goal for the upcoming school year. It's okay if you want to minimize the number of lessons you do per week if you need to but, please don't drop it all! It's so hard to come back to a language after a long break and try to pick it up again.

So to make it easier for you, I hope you take advantage of our weekly resources! We've got some great ones this week! Use them wisely!

Happy learning,


How to level up on your Spanish?? Follow these steps!

1. Follow along for daily reading exercises & vocab lists on our Instagram or FacebookPage

2. Watch out for our weekly guide that comes out every Friday on our blog. Print it out as soon as you can!

3. Read the readings and complete the list of comprehension & personal questions given with each reading. I suggest 2-3 Spanish sentences for each question.

4. Check in with our Weekly Grammar Review, a video where I take the time to explain certain concepts introduce during the readings.

5. Make sure to check out the new Lenguaje de la Vida podcast episode for the week where I go into more detail for each reading. Transcription included with each episode.

Click here to print your Weekly Guide Reading & Exercise Worksheet!

Included in this video:

- Estar vs ser

- 2 stem-changing verbs

- 2 verbs that use direct object pronouns

-1 irregular veb in the preterite

- Future conjugation of reguar ar verbs

- 1 present progressive verb

Check out the podcast episode that goes along with this review!

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