Vocab & Grammar Explanation: June 29 - Aug. 2 Review

We've spent this whole week talking about my summer shenanigans!

Now we get to wrap it all up by deep diving into some grammatical concepts!

I know language learning occurs at its optimum when you're immersed in the target language which is why I offer you Lenguaje de la Vida Podcast and the weekly Spanish readings & exercises.

But it's always good to go back and check in with those small grammatical concepts that sometimes hold us back especially when we're speaking or writing.

So take the time to finish off your language learning week by reviewing some good old fashioned verbs and nouns!

Happy learning!


Included in this video:

- 4 AR verbs plus present conjugation

- 1 IR verb plus present conjugation

- 1 Stem-chaning verb ( e-i) plust present conjugation

- 1 new phrase with ESTAR

- 2 new adjectivs

- 4 new nouns

Check out the podcast episode that goes along with this review!

Check out the Reading & Excercise worksheet that goes along with this review!


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