Weekly Vlog: Lo que compré esta semana!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

If you're looking for a way to brush up on clothing vocabulary, I gotcha! On this week's vlog, I show you a few of the things that I've been spending my money on.... which really needs to stop bring a thing. Gotta rein it in a bit.

And make sure you stay tuned to the end because I share some news with you that you may not know already. I've been keeping it pretty under wraps.

Happy learning!


How to level up on your Spanish:

1. Each vlog includes a list of vocab I say during the video. You'll see the Spanish word/phrase on the left side of the video and the English translation on the right.

2. Have your language learning journal out with you while you follow along with the video. Anytime you are introduced to a new word or phrase, write it down!

3. Use your new vocab to write down your own journal entry trying to include as many of them as you can!

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