El verano de crímenes y gatos - Weekly Guide: June 10 - 14

Updated: Jul 17, 2020


Hope you've been following along on the gram because here is the review of all the vocab we've been working on over there!

This week's update includes a reveal of a secret obsession, our new house mates, and my summer plans!

Wondering how to use the Weekly Guide? Read below!

How to level up on your Spanish?? Follow these steps!

1. Follow along for daily reading exercises & vocab lists on our Instagram or FacebookPage

2. Watch out for our weekly guide that comes out every Friday on our blog. Print it out as soon as you can!

3. Use our weekly guide to test yourselves on our weekly vocab list.

4. Then use the comprehension questions to test your reading & writing skills. All the answers to these questions can be found on our daily Instagram posts or our weekly podcast so you might need to go back and check.

5. Finally, move on to our personal questions. Feel free to answer these by writing them down or by recording a video of yourself to test your speaking abilities! All the answers to these will be on an individual basis so you’ll get a chance to try out what you know to express what you want to say!

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