Weekly Spanish Resources: Puerto Rican Slang, Diphthongs, & Books

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Here is this week's list of Spanish resources. With each resources, I give you multiple ways of using it so you can plan to work with each resource for 1-2 days to really get the most out of it. Make sure you pair this with last week's 3 Spanish readings and you've got all of the resources you'll need for the week! Maybe even for two!

Again, the goal is to get your Daily Spanish Lesson in for 15-20 minutes. You want to keep it short and fun without any stress, worry, or anxiety added to the process!

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Weekly Spanish Resources

Resource #1 - Puerto Rican Slang

Source - Vanity Fair

How to use it:

- The video is in English so I'd watch the video and make a list of all the new words introduced to you.

- Then I'd write a sentence with each OR if you want to take it even a step further then I'd try to make a script using ALL of the terms introduced to you.

- If you have a language buddy, then you can practice the script with a partner, memorize it, and record it. Make it FUN!

Resource #2 - Los diptongos

Source - AIL Madrid Cources

How to use it:

- This infograph is a little bit more technical than what I tend to share but it's always good to focus on these aspects at least once in a while. Take the 3 categories of diptongos given to you. Make a list of at least 20 words for each category.

- You can do this by looking in the dictionary and picking out new words. That way you can do new vocab as well.

- Or you can try to do it using words you already know. Or even use one of your old writing exercises and look through those and make your list based on the words you have been using.

- Then record yourself saying the words. Listen back and see if there are any improvements you need to make.

- You can also look online and search the words and see how they're used. You might even find videos of all these words and really compare your pronunciaton with other speakers.

Resource #3 - Los libros

Source - Capacitación en practicas del lenguaje, en procesos de lecturas y escritura

How to use it:

- Make a list of any new words. Try to write sentences with each new word.

- Try to make your own chart. Finish the sentences "Los libros son...." with your own 12 words.

- Try to make other charts as well. You can try: Los gatos son..., Las películas son..., Los idiomas son..., - whatever you're into!

- Again, any new words you find while making your own chart... add them to your vocab list and make sentences with them!

Let us know how your lessons went!

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