Weekly Spanish Resources: Árabe, cuentos infantiles, como aprendí español

Hello everybody!

Here is this week's weekly Spanish resources. Remember, the idea is to work with the same resource for 2-3 days changing up how you use it. That way you can hit all types of communication (listening, writing, reading, speaking) and really soak in the new vocab and grammar you're working with. I've give you a couple of ideas below but feel free to get creative.

Let me know in the comments below how you used each resource!

Just plan for 15-20 minutes daily and you're doing GOOD!!!

Happy learning!


Resource #1 - Spanish Vocabulary Pictures (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Source: Arabic Worksheets

How to use it:

- Use each group of themed vocabulary per day. Feel free to look through their site to find even more! They're GREAT!

- Treat it as a timed writing exercise. Set your timer for 15 minutes and try to use all of the words in each group.

- The next day, you can use it as timed speaking exercise. Set your timer for 5-10 minutes and record yourself speaking while trying to use all of the words in each group.

- Then you can go back and re-listen or re-read and learn from any mistakes you made OR focus on the things you wanted to say but weren't sure how. It lets you know what to learn next.

Resource #2 - Spanish Children's Stories (Monday & Tuesday)

Source: The Spanish Experiment

How to use it:

- Very simple! Treat it the same you listen to Lenguaje de la Vida Podcast. Listen to it on your own and see how much you understand!

- Listen to it a second time while listening to it again. Circle any new vocab words or grammar.

- Translate the spanish text into Spanish and compare with the translation given to you on the site. OR you can do it vice versa and compare it with the original Spanish text!

Resource #3 - Como Aprendí YouTuve VideoEspañol (Wednesday & Thursday)

Source: American Boy

How to use it:

- This one is another easy practice tool. Just listen to it and follow along!

- Use the questions he answers "¿Como aprendí español?" to either make your own video answering the question out loud or treat it as a timed writing exercise. Pretend you were giving advice to someone who was trying to learn it as well and you need to give them tips and tools.

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