Animales picantes en el día de los muertos

Happy Monday! Novemeber is here and with it comes my favorite weather and one of my favorite holidays! I'm sure if you have been learning Spanish for a long time then you have heard of Dia de los Muertos before! A wonderful celebration that takes place in many Latin American countries. I actually never heard about it until I moved to the States. In Venezuela, we don't tend to celebrate it. At least not in the capital which is where I was raised. So, when I became a Spanish teacher, I had to teach myself the significance of this day so I did not misrepresent it in my classes. If you want to learn more about it while getting in some Spanish practice, here is a quick little reading from one of my favorite Spanish websites, Pictoline.

One of my favorite things about the cold are all the cute animals associate with it like reindeers and penguins. Here is a quick little review of some furry little creatures. If you have kids, share it with them! It's never too early to start learning! I'll be sharing this with my nephew! And with the cold, what do you need? A whole lotta heat! In food form, of course. Here are some typical ways that people in Mexico add spice to their life. I'm still training myself to be able to handle some heat in my food but I'll get there someday! For now, I'll just keep adding red pepper flakes to my pizza.

Happy learning!

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