La Noche de Brujas ya viene! - Spanish Writing Exercises

If you haven't listened to Episode 4 of Lenguaje de la Vida Podcast yet, what are you waiting for??

It's full of thrills!! Perfect for this spooky season we're in. And if you do give it a listen to, here are a list of important vocab that you'll need to know.

If you choose not to, totally acceptable. You can still use this list and the instructions below to get a good language practice in. 15 - 20 minutes a day is all you need to keep honing those skills.

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Hope you enjoy this one and happy learning!

Vocabulary - Words in Black Bold - Episode 4

I recommend writing a sentence with each vocab word to practice your understanding of each term.

Ya - already; now

Sea - subjunctive of ‘ser” - it may be

Por lo menos - at least

Acostumbrados - accustomed

Botellas - bottles

Infernal - infernal; hellish

Gustaria - I would like - conditional of


Caminata - a walk

Fastidio - annoyance, nuisance

Sueño - a dream

He tenido - I have had - present perfect of “tener”

De hecho - in fact

Embarazoso - embarrassing

He dicho - I have said - present perfect of


Siempre y cuando - as long as

Amarrado - tied

Dueño - owner

Relajada - relaxed

Suelto - loose

Sentia - I felt

Nos enfocamos - we focused - conjugation

of “enfocarse” - a reflexive verb

Humillacion - humiliation

Era - it was - imperfect of “ser”

Oscureciendo - getting dark - present

progressive of “oscurecer”

Veia - I saw - imperfect of “ver”

Podia - I could - imperfect of “poder”

Enfocada - focused - past participle of


Sombra - shadow

Rapidisimo - very fast - augmentative of

“Rapido” - adds intensity

Fijar - focus; pay attention to

Habia visto - I hadn’t seen - past perfect of


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