45 Good-to-Know Words & Vocab Activity

If you look at Spanish textbooks, there's a certain sequence to them. They all start out with the same topics.... Family, Classes, Sports, Hobbies, so on and so forth.

They also all start out with the same grammatical concepts.... Me gusta, AR verbs, numbers, adjectvies, so on and so forth.

This sequencing can be very helpful and its success is backed by research. However, it can also be very limiting. The funny thing about language is that it is so unexpected. You can't time when people will want to say what they want to say. I mean how ridiculous is to tell my students.... "We will talk about your favorite color for a month and no other topic shall ever come up in my class. Deal with it."

Pretty sure everyone would rebel. In fact, they have. You can't predict a person's learning and you can't really control it either. You just have to give them what they want when they ask for it because that's when they'll really absorb the information. When they themselves ask for it.

Throughout my years of working with my students, I've gathered a list of words that get asked basically every day. There's no logic to them, no connection between them, but it just so happens that these are words that most people seem to want to use when they start out trying to communicate in Spanish.

I'll always hear the questions, "How do you say (fill in the blank with the next 45 words)?" So..... here they are!


Teatro - theatre

Actuar - to act

Bailarina - ballerina

Talentosa - talented

Musical - musical

Chimbo - lame

Bailar - to dance

Cantar - to sing

Entrar - to enter

Escuchar - to listen

Mirar - to watch

Practicar - to practice

Preparar - to prepare

Ordinario - ordinary

Comico - funny

Comprar - to buy

Preguntar - to ask

Tomar - to take/to drink

Trabajar - to work

Usar - to use

Visitar - to visit

Montaña - mountain

Contestar - to answer

Estudiar - to study

Hablar - to talk

Pelicula - movie

Programa - TV show

Comer - to eat

Dormir - to sleep

Videojuegos - video games

África - Africa

Británicos - British

Inglés - English

Asiático - Asian

Europeo - European

Nacer - to be born

Aleman - German

Católico - Catholic

Religioso - Religious

Antepasados - Ancestors

Español - Spanish

Francés - French

Italiano - Italian

Morir - To die

Judio - Jewish

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