La música - Common Errors Worksheet

The most fun part about learning other languages? Getting to hear all the new music that comes with it!

This is the unit that most people look forward to but it's also one of the hardest units. With music, to really enjoy it, you have to be able to decipher all different kinds of accents, talking speeds, word play, etc. It's not easy to go from trying to understand Juanes and then switching over to listen to Farruko.

But the great thing is that you can do all sorts of activities to keep it live and fun for all levels. You can do fill in the blanks with music lyrics, you can listen to interviews with different artists, you can have them write their own cover song.

And you can also focus on a little bit of grammar.

Now I know there's a big movement in the langauge world to go away from grammar and focus more on interactive communicative learning which I totally admire, support, love, adore, etc.

But I do think that we CANNOT forget about the students who actually do enjoy grammar and actually like the formulaic rules behind expressing what you want to say. I know it sounds crazy but they exist and we can't take their learning style away from them.

So if you're one of those learners or have students who learn that way, here is an easy grammar worksheet that's centered around music. This would probably work great for all novices.


To get the pdf version of this plus the answer worksheet, go here!

These are common errors when expressing opinions or making statements in Spanish. The top numbers shows how many errors there may in the sentence, the middle shows you the sentence with the common errors made, and the last sentence shows you the English translation of what they meant to say. Go through and see how many you can correct!

2 - Yo escucha música e tu?

I listen to music and you?

3 - No ir espectáculo artista

I’m not going to the show of the artist

1 - Mi gusta

I like

1 - Yo escuchas música

I listen to music

1 - El artista es más original es Juanes.

The most original artist is Juanes

2 - Me escucha música

I listen to music

4 - Me crees es original Juanes

I think that Juanes is original

2 - Me juga la guitarra

I play the guitar

1 - Ella música es feliz

Her music is happy

2/3 - El artistas es muy bien

The artist is very good

1 - No me gusto

I don’t like

1 - Mozart compones música clásica

Mozart composes classical music

1 - Shakira y Luis es artistas latinos

Shakira and Luis are latin artists

1 - No escucho música cuando dormir

I don’t listen to music when I sleep

1 - Mi escucho la música

I listen to music

4 - Ella tengo conexión emocional

Her music has an emotional connection

1 - No escucho ellas música

I don’t listen to her music

2 - Yo no tocas instrumento

You don’t play an instrument

2 - Toco no instrumento

I don’t play an instrument

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