Freedom Friday

It’s Freedom Friday! Which means it’s a day of fun for the learners and a day of low prep for me.

After today, students have one more week before their finals so it’s time for a little review. And yes, that does include a little bit of grammar work.

I have two classes combined today: one advanced and one regular paced. On these days, we do a lot of group work. It’s a great chance for the advanced group to work individually with the other group so it becomes like their own personal tutoring session.

Today I’ll split the class into groups of 3 that’ll vary between 2 regular/1 advanced or 2 advanced/1 regular. The level didn’t really matter but I divided them based on who was going to distract whom the least. The fastest way to make my life a whole lot easier.

I have 8 regular paced track students so I made a copy of 8 different book exercises varying from greeting translation work to ar verb conjugations. Additionally, I have 10 advanced students so I made 10 different copies of book exercises varying from, again, verb conjugation to summary readings. I made sure to cover all varying levels of difficulty.

I will give them the option of choosing what worksheet they have to complete. They will write on their own piece of paper and then trade their worksheet with someone else’s from their own class. They will have to complete 3 worksheets all together in class and again they get to choose which ones they want to complete. If they go for all the easy ones then great! If they go for the harder ones then wonderful!

On days like these, I do not mind at all if they choose to challenge themselves or if they choose to take it easy. They’re reviewing, they’re working. Besides, just the fact that they’re working on different worksheets and deciding for themselves what they want to work on, they tend to quiet down and focus.

We’ll do this for about 20 minutes… and then do something fun! Usually trivia!

Sadly, Fridays, which is the day everyone is supposed to look forward to and thoroughly enjoy, are the days when most tests/quizzes/projects are assigned. So I do not mind at all letting them have a breather or a fun time.

I know by the time Friday rolls around, I am drained! So what makes us think that the students aren't feeling the same way too? Let’s keep it light/fun/relaxing for them too…. At least at from time to time.

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