Hace calorcito!

Novice- High

Working on weather terms with my little youngins. I’ve been getting into the habit of starting the class with a reading. Once a week, this will be independent free reading and, on other days, I will have them read the same article but independently as well. Today I started off the class with two infographics I saved from Pictoline. I have found so many awesome and useful things from them! I highly recommend saving each and every one of their graphs since

you never know which one you’ll be able to use.

These are the ones I used today!

The one on the left will be the easiest one to understand and that’s the one I actually want them to read. I added the second one for those who read fast and for those who need the extra little challenge. I probably won’t even go over it in class but at least it’s there for them to engage with.

The first picture actually has some great text to it. It uses words like ‘calorcito’ and ‘brisita’. So I can review weather terms AND talk about adding ‘ito’ and ‘ita’ to words! What a great and productive day…. BAM!

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