Creator of the Language Movement


The Language Movement was born out of my desire to share my passion for language teaching. I grew up learning English, Spanish, French, and Latin. Ever since Day 1 in the classroom, I knew I was going to be a language teacher. 

Fast forward decades later and here I am living the dream. I have my BA in Spanish and French and a MA in Spanish Literature & Linguistics. I've taught over 200 hours of online Spanish classes and over 3 years of experience in the classroom. I have worked with adults, college students, high schoolers, and middle schoolers. The whole range! 

This space is meant to start conversations, build community, and support all of your language learning goals. 

Make sure to explore the website so you can find all the resources you need! 

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Language Movement Mission

  • Teach using high quality language instruction

  • Focus on personal interaction

  • Value community, connection, communication

  • Participate in cultural activities

  • Create a safe, encouraging, and positive space for all